Let's make some memories...

A little bit about me...

When you meet me, the first thing you’ll notice is my warm smile and big blue eyes. When we touch, my soft olive skin may quiver with goosebumps. My golden hair may brush your face as I lean in for a kiss. 

I’m cheeky and playful; an excellent conversationalist with the ability to put you immediately at ease. My warm, caring nature and genuine desire to get to know people means I really listen. I’ll be hanging on your every word, completely present and in the moment with you. Let’s let the world fall away for a while and really connect. 

I’m a big geek at heart and love connecting over shared hobbies, music, movies and books. Let’s play a game together, see a movie, go to a gig. I’m a fantastic social companion, as well as a passionate lover. 


I can't wait to hear from you!

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