Questions? I've got you covered!

Why aren’t you replying?

There are a range of reasons why I might not reply straight away:

  • I’m in a booking.
  • You’re contacting me between 9pm and 9am when my phone is turned off.
  • Your message is something like “You available?” “Hey baby” or “Hi” which doesn’t provide any information I require to proceed.
  • I’m at uni, with friends, or just busy. 
  • If you have contacted me with all the information I request on my contact page I promise I will reply as soon as possible.

Do you provide XYZ service?

If it’s not listed in my list of services, I do not provide it.

Do you do incalls?

I do offer incalls, please contact me directly for more information. 


Can you send me pics to verify it’s really you?

  • My photos are verified on all my advertising platforms, I also regularly upload selfies to twitter and instagram, I do not send free verification photos. 
  • If you’d like me to send you photos personally, I charge $5 per photo for additional or custom selfies.

Do you provide safe services?

Yes. All my services are provided using condoms, including oral. This is for your safety and mine!

What if I need to cancel?

Click here to read my cancellation policies in my terms and conditions.

Are you fully shaved?

Yes! My skin is silky smooth everywhere. 

Do I need to manscape?

That’s up to you! Whatever will make you feel most comfortable is what I’d prefer. I’d recommend not manscaping if you’re inexperienced because if you have a cut or scratch on your genitals I may not be able to provide full service. 

I’ve never met an escort before, what can I expect?

You can expect a warm, welcoming experience. I’ll greet you like an old friend, that girl next door you always wanted who secretly wanted you too! Contact me if you have any specific concerns or worries and I will be happy to put your mind at ease.

Do you see couples?

Yes! I love meeting couples, threesomes are so much fun! My preference is to speak to both people beforehand, on the phone, to ensure we are all on the same page and comfortable. 

What about another guy?

Absolutely! I charge $300 per hour for each additional guy.  

Can I take photos/film during the booking?

Absolutely not. If I discover you doing this during the booking I will immediately terminate the booking and if you do not immediately delete it I will call the police. 


I can't wait to hear from you!

Be sure to read my booking information before you get in touch.