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Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you meet someone you feel an instant connection with, and that was definitely the case when I first met the beautiful Emma in late January 2019. Emma is absolutely gorgeous - a super cute, girl-next-door type with big blue eyes, a smile that takes your breath away and silky smooth skin. Believe me, as cute as she looks in her photos, they really don’t convey just how naturally beautiful she is. But equally importantly, Emma has an amazing personality that makes you feel instantly at ease. She is playful, sweet and a little cheeky, and has a genuine softness and warmth that just can’t be faked. Our conversation flowed easily; she’s smart and funny and has the cutest laugh! And while I won’t go into specific details, rest assured Emma is incredibly sexy and definitely knows how to have fun! Our time together never felt rushed. It was, for me, the ultimate girlfriend experience - fun and relaxed yet exciting, sensual and intimate. I feel incredibly lucky to have met the amazing Emma and count down the days to our next meeting.
Mr T
From the first interaction to the last goodbye everything about Emma is sensational. Making a book was easy as Emma responded to requested within a day. Deposit paid and now all I had to do was wait for our catch up day. Emma greeted me with the most amazing smile. Emma has mesmerising blue eyes that give you that come-hither look. Not only is Emma stunningly beautiful but she is also a fabulous conversationalist. Emma leaves you wanting more of Emma. Yes she is addictive. Our time together went bye far too fast. I now look forward to our next catch up.
Mr M
I recently got to share a fun 3 hour social date with Emma. We had a relaxed chat over drinks and got to know each other a bit before a joint mission to explore some art together. During our time together Emma was interesting, warm, attentive, caring and genuine. She is very funny and has a great infectious laugh that put a smile on my face that never left. She really is the cute cheeky girl next door her profile describes. She was lovely to talk and laugh with and I'm really glad I got to hang out with such a cool person. I wish I'd extended our date so I could have talked a little bit more with Emma about her life and her plans but I look forward to hanging out with her again sometime
Mr G.V
The cheeky girl next door.......it’s hard not to be drawn in and be captivated by Emma’s beautiful smiling face and sultry looks. We spent the initial part of the evening getting to know one another, and for myself, the connection was almost instantaneous. Emma has a wonderful sense of humour with the most infectious laugh you’ll ever hear. I felt at ease almost immediately. Our time together was mesmerising, Emma is just as thoughtful in the bedroom and has an amazing sexual appetite with a passion that is second to none. Our time together went by so quickly. Booking and communicating with Emma was effortless and so professional. Without doubt, I’ll be booking Emma again in the near future, so as to continue our sexual adventure.
I have had the great privilege to meet in person and to have a great time with this gorgeous girl. She is absolutely a ‘girl next door’ type who you always wanted to have sex with. Emma is authentic, genuinely playful and tell you what her bedroom skills absolutely awesome. Her photos are genuine and what you see what you get. I started talking to Emma on twitter, her responses were prompt, and answered all the questions. This made me more I wanted to see her in person. Paid the deposit as requested and met her at her In call place in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. It's all a smooth process. She did offer true Girl Friend Like experience. I felt more like I had my girlfriend for an hour. If you are after something highly intimate, lots of fun and great conversation, I highly recommend Emma.
Mr M
I arrived in Melbourne from Canada on a Friday, and Was hoping to see a provider on the Saturday. The woman I had been corresponding with wasn’t available that weekend, so I had to find someone else. Holy divine intervention, Batman. Emma’s profile came across my Twitter timeline, with a link to her Scarlet Blue page. Her pics were super cute, and shows a twinkle in her eye. We exchanged some texts, including the screening info, and set the appointment. When she arrived - I was blown away. She had a huge, infectious smile and her face was just radiating. Our 1 hour session went by so fast, I had to extend the session. Lucky for me, she’s a relatively low-volume provider, and didn’t have anything scheduled afterwards. Her looks, her personality and her service are all top-notch. I’ve seen her a number of times over the past few months, and will continue to do so. I’ve seen her confidence and her business continue to grow - and I’m sure she will soon be seen as one of the top escorts in Melbourne. She’s a true sweetheart, with a wonderful naughty streak that is exhilarating to experience.
Mr S.T

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